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Colorful Music

Did you know that taking music lessons as a child can increase not only your academic achievements, but attention span, fine motor coordination, social skills, communication, and overall student performance levels. Lessons in piano, an instrument, or learning to sing has proven to be a factor in achieving high test scores in academics.

As a Music Therapist I find myself always exploring my options to create better methods to help others express themselves through the arts. When you learn an instrument you gain a sense of pride and accomplishment. Music and the arts not only encourages creativity and imagination, but it elicits emotions, expression, and a sense of being free. You can create your own world through color whether it is on the paper or in music.

The best way to teach young learners or someone who may need assistance in learning music through a different technique is to use a color chart. Each note is a color and you can either create your own color chart to represent each note or you can buy a great beginner book on A beginner piano book that has colors, stickers and familiar songs can encourage young learners to explore learning the piano while being creative with color. Another way to explore creativity through musical notation is to create your own guide or have the student build their own song using this method. Each student can be proud of their work and discover that learning notes and an instrument never has to be discouraging again!

Color Piano and Keyboard Stickers and Complete Color Note Piano Music Lesson and Guide Book for Kids and Beginners; Designed and Printed in USA

Creating your own music with a colorful music chart!

Playing his own composition at age 4

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