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Giving Thanks from the Farm

The season is here for giving thanks! Children love to learn about giving thanks and what is a better way to teach giving thanks during Thanksgiving, than to teach about the farm. Not everyone is lucky enough to live close to a farm, however you can explore and learn about real animals on the farm, how vegetables grow, and using ingredients from the farm, by engaging children in sounds, textures, smells, and tastes from the farm. One of my favorite activities is singing about the farm with books and puppet shows. There are plenty of books about the farm but when you combine a puppet show with a story and song, your farm can come alive! Here are some amazing resources to use when teaching about the farm.

Another great way to engage children in exploring the farm without leaving your home is to cook foods from the farm! Kids will love learning about bringing the farm to the table by introducing eggs, milk, flour, veggies and other basic simple ingredients for an irresistible recipe. This was a great way to engage my son who had sensory issues with food textures and smells. We started with simple fun recipes with great tastes, read about all the ingredients from the farm, learned how to garden, and today as a teenager, he loves cooking up his own pumpkin pie, breads and stuffing for a very happy thanksgiving for all of us!

We hope you and your family enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving! Always remember, Bee Creative & share your JOY!

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