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Music Encourages Speech & Communication

We all know singing increases vocalization, but did you know that music can actually encourage speech and communication? Music could be the key that unlocks the connection between language and speech. Studies have shown that some musical training can increase language skills and has an impact on the autonomous nervous system.

How we produce speech is the same way we use language. Singing instead of speaking may be easier for some trying to produce sound and vocalization. Music has the power to unlock memories from long ago, increase mood and motivation, and just listening to music can improve reasoning and emotional responses.

We use our entire brain to listen, express, and produce music. The part of the brain called the Broca’s Area is the part we use to express music and enable speech. Playing a musical instrument and learning to read music not only increases your focus, attention, but improves your expressive and receptive language ability. Combined all parts of the brain working to coordinate physical movement, listening skills, and memory, you have a brain working in harmony!

Just Keep Singing…

Music can make us smile, cry, move, while creating vocalizations where language, sounds, and singing can improve your language skills and speech. So whatever music makes you happy, your brain will be happy you have music in your life!

Microphones encourage everyone to sing no matter their ability! #ad

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