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Say “YES” to Mommy & Me!

I remember when I had my daughter and I struggled with the decision of signing up for a Mommy and Me class. I am a music teacher and Mommy and Me instructor! How could I pay someone else to do what I can do myself at home? This was my thinking until I went to my first class and then I realized WHY Mommy and Me was important for ME…and for YOU!

1. Socialization- For Baby and for Mom.

I know how you can loose yourself in mommy-hood and only think, breath and live BABY. Once you join a mommy and me class you will interact with other moms that are in the same boat as you and will feel an automatic bond and connection. I know of many long lasting friendships that have evolved from Mommy and Me classes! For your child it will give them their first look at making a new BUDDY. Learning to share, take turns and playing with another child is a wonderful skill that they will pick up as they bond with their peers.

2. Development of Skills.

As you already know, we teach music, and we encourage you to find a Mommy and Me music class in your town. It will help your child develop their reasoning skills, literacy skills, verbal communication skills, among so many other developmental achievements. It also introduces your child to an early love for music witch is proven to help with math and complex thinking in the years ahead. Gym classes are another fun way to work on those milestones. Working on core strength, balance, gross and fine motor skills and acquiring an overall appreciation for physical activity!

3. Getting ready for school.- NOT JUST FOR BABIES!

Mommy and Me is not just for babies! When you take a class with a toddler it is particularly important to prepare them for a structured school environment. In Florida, where we work, most kids go to free VPK at the age of 4. You can really pin point the children that have been at home and not had the chance to interact with other children in an educational setting.

Going to school could be a very stressful time for a toddler. Giving them the chance to alleviate the anxiety of transition can be achieved by participating in Mommy and Me classes. It will teach them how to interact in a structured setting, take turns, follow directions, share and act independently without the need for mom to hold their hand every step of the way.

In Bee Bop Buddies Music class, we encourage the toddlers to actively participate in the structure of the class. We have our little helpers assist with class routine by bringing the puppets to the circle, taking out the instruments, cleaning up the toys, taking out the parachute and more. We also, see moms stepping out of the class for a few moment as we work with the toddlers alone to help them feel less anxious as the separation stage approaches.


This one should probably be at the top of the list, but it’s a no brainer! There is nothing more effective than an hour of uninterrupted baby and mom/dad time! When you take the time and SPEND THE MONEY to join a class you are investing in your relationship with your child. It is so easy to get distracted at home with a million things to juggle. Mommy and Me class makes the world stop for 60 minutes and you and your child can play together, laugh, learn and give each other all the attention and love!

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