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Questions & Answers:

  • What are private adapted music lessons?
    Adaptive Music Lessons are available with a music teacher who specializes in teaching adaptive music methods for students who may need extra support. This may include learning a musical instrument though adapted methods while increasing cognitive, social, emotional, behavioral, and educational skills. $75 per in person adapted music lesson. 12 lessons per semester required. Multiple students per family can be scheduled on the same day. Lessons are individually designed for each student focusing on the creative process and having fun. There are no required recitals. Students are always encouraged to perform in the community when available.
  • What is Music Therapy?
    Music Therapy is the creative process that focuses on therapeutic goals set by the Music Therapist to achieve emotional, social, communication, educational, and physical goals. Music Therapy in person session is $85 per student. Instruments and supplies are provided. Payment will be invoiced monthly. All sessions are available in home, facility, school, or online. Assessment, progress reports, and evaluations are available with the Music Therapist.
  • What are Expressive Arts?
    Expressive Arts uses all forms of the arts to reach goals through the creative process. Adapted Art lessons are created based on emotional, social, physical, and educational needs of each student. Expressive Arts enhances expressive and receptive language skills, increases fine and gross motor skills, & addresses cognitive goals by using various forms of art, clay, & painting. Adapted Art lesson is $85 for an in-person lesson per student. Available for individuals or small groups in home, school, facility, and online. 12 sessions required per semester. Payment is invoiced monthly. Art supply fee may apply.
  • How do I reserve a lesson time & day?
    Lessons are scheduled during the week or weekend depending on the availability of the teacher for the flat rate of $75 per lesson. Lessons are offered weekly for 12-week semesters. 12 lessons per semester is required to secure lesson time and instructor availability. 4 monthly lessons will be offered for purchase. Make up lessons are scheduled within in the 12-week semester. Online lessons are available. Billing will be invoiced to a valid email address.
  • What form of payment do you accept?
    All Joyful Creative Arts are Community Based Programs Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cash Payments, Checks, Zelle, & PayPal accepted. We are a provider for Step Up for Students, Jacobs Touch Foundation, and The Megan Weisenbach Foundation. Monthly invoices will be sent to a valid email address. Online payment is due upon receipt. Registration and supply fees may apply. For more information, please contact us.
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