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The Best Bubbles!

Everyone is always asking us “WHERE DO YOU GET THOSE BUBBLES?” And they are surprised every time when I share the info. Bubbles are a wonderful sensory tool to use with your children. Baby will feel them and giggle when they track them in the air and when they feel them pop on their feet and tummy. Older children can run through them, catch them, pop them and count them . The trick is to find a bubble that won’t disappoint! The old fashion dish soap and water bubbles we did wen we were kids are a thing of the past. Today, Gymboree makes the best bubbles in our opinion. I KNOW… GYMBOREE HAS BUBBLES?! They are behind the register at the clothing store or you can order them online. The starter kit comes with a bottle of bubbles and the bubble wand easy for adults and kids to use. One blow and hundreds of bubbles fly through the air. They do not pop in your face and if they do they will not sting your babies eyes! Non- toxic and safe for all we recommend getting one of these for your home use! Only $6 makes a good thing for home, preschool and super gift for baby showers and baby birthdays!

Look for our posts about Bubble musical activities for ideas on how to use your new bubbles with your children…

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