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Summer Fun

It’s been a few weeks since we posted on the blog and it’s just because it’s SUMMER and we are out and about having fun!

Here are a few of the fantastic things we have been doing with our friends and families over Summer vacation… Maybe you can do them too!

1- Impromptu Summer concert

The kiddos and I gathered all of the pots and pans, percussion instruments and the Karaoke machine to entertain the family with our own summer concert! We played popular songs such as Adele’s” Rolling in the Deep” to Bruno Mars ” Lazy Song”. We also had some originals and improv talking mostly about our summer activities!

2- Beach Find Musical Wind Chimes

We have spent some great days at the beach this summer and have picked great treasures from the sea! We took our finds home and painted them, glittered them and strung them to make beautiful wind chimes for our garden!

3- Summer Concert Series

Many towns and cities have midweek- evening summer concerts in the park. We take our lawn chairs and some refreshing snacks and enjoy the various styles of music each week offers. My kids love rock and roll and blues, so it’s not often they are bored at one of these events. We take bubbles to blow as we dance around and glow sticks for night time. A must do if you have a chance to in your town!

4- Learn an Instrument

Summer is the perfect time to learn something new. Mh daughter started learning the guitar. I’m her teacher and we have lots of fun doing it together. If you can’t teach your own child an instrument, you can look for lessons at your cities parks and Rec department or search for private instructors. Another option is learning on your own via YouTube and many great Apps.

We also started learning to play piano by using the Glow Piano Lesson App for Ipad.

There are so many fun things to do when the days are long and the weather is hot and fun. We hope you enjoyed your summer so far and that you had music all along the way 🙂



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