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The Art of Peek A Boo


I can’t think of a more universal game than Peek A Boo. I, Stacey, grew up in South America and played the spanish version of Peek A Boo “Donde esta el bebe? ACA ESTA!” The most simple and most rewarding activity to engage with your baby is a good Peek A Boo session!

Peekaboo is thought by developmental psychologists to demonstrate an infant’s ability to understand object permanence. Object permanence is an important stage of cognitive development for infants. What is Object permanence? It means that even if an object is hiding the child knows it is really still there! Before reaching this milestone baby thought if it’s out of site it does not exist.  By 8 or 9 months a baby can become aware of object permanence. This is usually around the time your baby will also start to cry when you leave the room. They know you are there… but not with them!  Playing Peek A Boo will help him or her achieve this very important milestone.

Peek A Boo is algo a great motivator for babies reaching their 1 year old birthday to do some fun  vocalization and verbalization when playing the game. The best part is the “BOO” part. As you repeat this activity with your little one encourage him or her to say “BOO” Often pause at the time of uncovering your face and wait for them to process the next sound that should be said… BOO!

Listen to their cues, they will say “Boo” sometimes at random moments through out the day and that is a great clue to start a impromptu Peek A Boo session!

Peek A Boo also helps with gross and fine motor skills as now baby can lift scarves over their face and pull them down on their own, cover mommy’s face and even coordinate moving their hands over their eyes and uncovering them for the big BOO! It will motivate a child to sit up and work on their core strengthening as well as fine tuning hand eye coordination.

All being said and done Peek A Boo is a great, fun and purposeful game for you and your baby to connect, grow and have a good belly laugh!

Keep an eye out for some of our music and activity ideas for Peek A Boo time…

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