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Weekend of Fun…From Smashed Guitars to Cake!

It was a great weekend in deed! Lots of fun around town with the family and also with work! I wanted to share some things I loved this weekend that you might enjoy also…

1. Smashed GuitART At the indi craft fair the Ann Storck Center an organization serving children and adults with disabilities ( near and dear to my heart) was selling these super unique smashed guitar heads from the biggest guitar smashing in history at the Hard Rock! The artists overcome their disabilities by using art as a form of expression and communication. The smahsed guitars are painted and presented for sale as key holders, jewelry holders and even hat holders!! LOVE these!!! Anyone who loves music or plays the guitar or just loves rock n roll should get one of these! I am sharing the website

2. CAKE!!! As you probably imagine the Bee Bop Buddies have seen and tasted our fair share of cakes over the years since we entertain children’s birthday parties. This weekend we enjoyed Bella’s 3rd birthday at the park. Music, parachute games, bounce house, bubbles and then there was CAKE! ( cue the angels and harps). 🙂 Our dear friend Maria has the talent of gods when it comes to baking! Her sweet treats company is one of the best kept secrets in Fort Lauderdale and it’s time for all of you to know! Sweet Girls Shop is the only cake i will ever eat again. Not only was it beautiful, but the taste was heavenly! Check her out for your next event Sweet Girls Shop

Hope you can enjoy these amazing special treats I got to experience this weekend!!!


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