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Why Music?

infant music oct

Children love music! We all love music! Music has the ability create connections in young minds that encourage communication, socialization, emotional and physical expression.  Children love to sing and make up new songs and while listening to music is important, kids who actively participate in making the music have the strongest connections.  Research has shown that children involved in music do better in school, it helps them focus, have the ability to coordinate their movements, and have higher self-esteem.  Introducing your baby to music at the very beginning can create a soothing and comforting environment that will not only relax your baby but will also relax you!  It is one of the first and most important connections you can make with your child. Music has so many uses, it can reduce stress, make you want to dance, stimulate memory, encourage vocalization and has even been used to heal those in need.  Choosing the right music for your child is as easy as finding what makes them happy, what makes them sing, what makes them dance, and what makes them slow down and rest.  Once you find the music, all you need to do is dance, sing, play with your child and enjoy the connection you are making with them while having a ton of fun together!

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